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Disney’s Cars Land

Yesterday, Tiffany and I went to Disneyland with Drew and … Tiffany (haha). Cars Land just opened up at Disney’s California Adventure and we wanted to ride the new roller coaster there, but weren’t down for a 200 minute wait. Oh well, all is well when you’re at Disneyland—we definitely had lots of fun.

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Cracked iPhone 4S

Unfortunately, I cracked my iPhone 4S. Whilst at the gym, it fell out of a side pocket of my bag and landed on a corner on hardwood floor. Since I changed my old iPhone 4 to a metallic purple front and back and black midplate, I figured I’d take a shot at fixing this one, too.

I decided I wanted to go for something bold. Bold, but minimalist. Clean and simple, yet eye-catching. I ended up going with a red and white colorway and am glad I did. I’ve always felt as though the white iPhone looks feminine, but decided to go for it anyway. The red goes well with the white and I don’t think it came out feminine at all. Here are some photos of the process as well as the finished product.

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Lemonade in Venice, CA

So today, Tiffany and I finally made our way out to this restaurant called Lemonade in Venice, CA. I loved it. It had a really great ambiance to it and I really enjoyed eating there.

The food was good (quite a few healthy options, as well as gluten-free), the experience was better. For those of you that like sweets, they have these giant macarons that you, supposedly, “cannot miss”. Make your way out there if you’re local!

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