Cracked iPhone 4S

Unfortunately, I cracked my iPhone 4S. Whilst at the gym, it fell out of a side pocket of my bag and landed on a corner on hardwood floor. Since I changed my old iPhone 4 to a metallic purple front and back and black midplate, I figured I’d take a shot at fixing this one, too.

I decided I wanted to go for something bold. Bold, but minimalist. Clean and simple, yet eye-catching. I ended up going with a red and white colorway and am glad I did. I’ve always felt as though the white iPhone looks feminine, but decided to go for it anyway. The red goes well with the white and I don’t think it came out feminine at all. Here are some photos of the process as well as the finished product.

My cracked 4S alongside my old purple iPhone 4.

The amazing camera of the iPhone 4S.

The finished product.

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